Why callback hell can be your friend.

We're all too familiar with this term and stigma. I have enjoyed my limited time working with node.js professionally, but I can't have a conversation »

Keeping it local with npm

In transitioning to the Node ecosystem, I quickly recognized many strengths npm brings to the table as a package manager. As someone who has used rvm/ »

Generate test functions using the RegExp prototype.

var testForA = RegExp.prototype.test.bind(/[aA]/); // function () { [native code] } testForA('hello'); // false testForA('hella'); // true ['hello', 'hella', 'holla'].filter(testForA); // ['hella', 'holla'] Oh the lengths »

NodeJS is Human

Node is much more than JavaScript on the Server. That's Node's gimmick though right? You can now write both your server and client in JavaScript. No »

Hercules Glades

This past weekend, I spent 3 days and two nights in Mark Twain National Forest in Missouri with a group of 5. These types of trips »

The Next Chapter

All circles presuppose they’ll end where they begin, but only in their leaving can they ever come back around  – mewithoutYou Leaving the midwest for Colorado »