Why callback hell can be your friend.

We're all too familiar with this term and stigma. I have enjoyed my limited time working with node.js professionally, but I can't have a conversation with someone outside the ecosystem without callback hell coming up. »

Keeping it local with npm

In transitioning to the Node ecosystem, I quickly recognized many strengths npm brings to the table as a package manager. As someone who has used rvm/bundler to routinely manage gemsets, an immediate win I noticed was how every install of a project is localized within the project by default. »

Generate test functions using the RegExp prototype.

var testForA = RegExp.prototype.test.bind(/[aA]/); // function () { [native code] } testForA('hello'); // false testForA('hella'); // true ['hello', 'hella', 'holla'].filter(testForA); // ['hella', 'holla'] »

NodeJS is Human

Node is much more than JavaScript on the Server. »

Hercules Glades

This past weekend, I spent 3 days and two nights in Mark Twain National Forest in Missouri with a group of 5. »

The Next Chapter

All circles presuppose they'll end where they begin, but only in their leaving can they ever come back around -- mewithoutYou »

Extending JavaScript Functions

This is a pattern you can use to extend JavaScript Functions, including native functions. »

Git alias with parameters

You can form more complex and useful git aliases when you realize you can write aliases like you would write a standard shell function. Prepending your alias with an exclamation mark tells git to expand the alias to your shell, enabling the use of standard unix tools to do some fun things. »

Continued quest for the perfect git bash prompt.

On the heels of my responsive bash prompt, I've made another few moves to bring more utility to my git bash prompt. »

Pluck and Filter Arrays in WordPress

WordPress has a few lesser known utility functions for operating on arrays in a few specific ways. »